About Kairos Coffee Roaster and Tea Co.

Owner Bruce Burman founded Kairos Coffee Roaster and Tea Co in 2006. Our first location was on New Castle Hill in Butler, PA.  A year later we moved into Iron Mountain (the underground mine) in Boyers PA where we have been located ever since. With the arrival of Covid-19 temporarily shutting down the Iron Mountain cafe, Bruce decided to take Kairos on the road. Thus, the mobile coffee bar inside the bright red vintage horse trailer was born. In April 2022, Kairos added an Airstream coffee trailer, which is permanently located at 8001 Rowan Road, Cranberry Township, PA.

2020 brought a lot of changes, but our way of doing business remains the same. 

Our Mission Statement - To seek and create opportunities to serve people.
Our Philosophy - Provide excellent product and excellent service and let profits take care of themselves.
Our Strategy - Do a few things ridiculously well.
Our Goal - Do/be better than we did/were yesterday.
Our Heart - Treat people like treasured friends we don't know well yet, and not like customers.

Bruce's drink of choice - 12 ounce latte with 3 shots of espresso, 2% milk with a thimble full of 1/2 and 1/2 , not too hot.

About Kairos Coffee Roaster and Tea Co
Kairos Coffee and Tea in 2006
Bruce in 2006 a few days before we opened our first location.